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BrokerTrade Fusion
Website URLwww.tradefusion.com
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Overall Score8.0/10

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Trade Fusion is an automatic trading system, that helps traders to place trades and, hopefully, to earn money. This is a relatively new trading system, but already a famous one. So, you may have such questions: can I really trust Trade Fusion? Is it a reliable trading robot, or it is a scam? Let us check and try to answer these questions.

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Is Trade Fusion A Scam?

Trade Fusion has a very professionally developed website. There are no ads or some odd information, all is very well designed. A trader feels very comfortable while navigating it. It feels that the work was done by professionals, those, who understands trading. That would be enough to prove that Trade Fusion is not a scam at all. But there are more thing, that amaze. For example, a free 90 days trial. After that, if you like the trading system, you continue for a 499 USD subscription fee.

If it is not what you expected – no problem, you just quit, without any payment or obligations. A scammer cannot afford making such offers. This trading system is designed for creating a long-term relationship with a trader. The only thing that can make confused, is the unusually high winning rate, which equals 90%. That may be somehow exaggerated, but with all advantages, even if it is a usual rate, 82%, you still have higher chances, than with any other trading system.

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How Much Does Trade Fusion Cost?

Trade Fusion offers a free 90days trial, so, at start it is free. Then, if you like it, you continue for 499 USD each month.  This offer is quite self-confident, if we consider, that to pay this fee, you have to earn at least not less than this price. It already allows suggesting, that Trade Fusion helps to earn, and not only small sums.

How Does Trade Fusion Work?

Trade Fusion has two modes: automatic and manual. In  manual mode, it generates signals and submits them to a trader. Then, you can make your trading decision based on trading signals.  Though, the best trading opportunity can come not immediately. You can wait for days before you can place a trade. Then, if you don’t have enough patience, or time, you can select automatic mode. In such case, Trade Fusion will place trades when a good trading opportunity comes.

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How To Get Started?

If you selected Trade Fusion as your trading partner, then you have to make simple steps to start using it. First of all you have to have a valid trading account. Then, you make a deposit to be able to trade. After that, you connect Trading Fusion with your account and start either placing trades based on its signals or install automatic mode, Trade Fusion will trade for you. You can use the trading system for free for the first 90 days, then you have to pay a fee.

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Special Features

Trade Fusion is a relatively new trading system, but thanks to its several functions, it already got a stable place in the market of binary options. First of all, this trading system offers support in 5 languages, while most service providers are available only in English. Then, 90 days trial for free, only after that you decide, whether you pay the fee or not. Thanks to these and some other features, you can really profit from Trade Fusion.


best choiceThe automated binary trading can offer you assistance when it comes to minimizing risk and maximizing profits while trading binary options.

Trade Fusion is one of the newest high quality trading systems that can identify profitable opportunities on the binary options market. The key features of Trade Fusion include a high percentage of the executed winning trades and allows you to control and customize the preferred settings.

Our team considered Trade Fusion as one of the approved and trusted binary options software systems that can be used to reduce the risk of human errors and increases your time for analyzing important market data.

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