Recentemente, we came across a new software called VirtNext. It is developed by someone called Vincent Bollore. According to the developer, this software has the potential to generate over $2500 in profits every day. It is an extremely easy to use software that takes care of all trading related tasks on its own.

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They have claimed that the software was established in 2011 and is owned by a company called VirtNext Investment Ltd. But our research proves that the software was recently launched in the market. Research about the owning company also did not yield any results. since VirtNext didn’t look like a genuine option, we decided to investigate further and unveil the truth about this system.

We advise our readers to go through this complete review before making any conclusions about VirtNext trading system. From this review, traders will also find out if VirtNext is worth trusting or not.

You can see the results of the unbiased testing and what our experts have to share with you for their trading experience with VirtNext Software. Non possiamo confermare la sicurezza di questo sistema così vi consigliamo di Procedere alla sicurezza O provare un altro sistema Top Safe dalla tabella sottostante:

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What Is VirtNext?

VirtNext trading system claims to be a reliable auto trading solution that can help traders become wealthy within a short period of time. When taking a look at the promotional video, we found out that the developer of the system is a billionaire who has been featured in the Forbes magazine. We also learned from the information on their website that he lives in Paris and it is because of this software that he was able to become extremely wealthy and live a luxurious lifestyle.

But VirtNext trading system is not what it claims to be. The information presented on their website is false and there is no proof that the claims they are making have any genuineness to it. Billionaire Vincent Bollore is a real person, but the Vincent Bollore behind VirtNext is just a fictitious character. The real Vincent Bollore doesn’t have anything to do with the VirtNext software which basically implies that the software and people behind it are scams.

VirtNext promises returns of $2500 every day which is not true. The software is not genuine and we don’t think traders should use it invest in binary options online.

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Scammers create fake profiles and identities online by stealing other people’s names and photos. This is why it is important to stay away from any software that makes claims that are too good to be true. In this world, it is not possible to earn millions by sitting at home and relying on an automated tool. It takes hard work, effort and knowledge in addition to automation to see real success in trading.

Come funziona VirtNext lavoro?

According to the developer of VirtNext, it works by making use of fast computers to buy and sell assets. There is a variety of assets available for traders to choose from including indices, riserve, commodities and currency pairs. The developer also claims that he has incorporated the latest technology and complex algorithms into this software which enables it work accurately to produce profitable trading results.

From our experience and research, we know that fast computers cannot be the main reason for success in binary options because whenever buying or selling is carried out, there is always a predetermined time that needs to elapse. Having many positions also doesn’t produce favourable results because every position that is opened is independent of one another. So whether a trader opens 10 positions or 100 positions at once, the chances of winning and losing will still be the same.

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So we don’t really see any logic behind the explanation that is provided to traders. It just looks like the developer or the people behind this software are trying to confuse traders. The ones that are more likely to fall for this are inexperienced and rookie traders. But we know that VirtNext has nothing to do with fast computers and algorithms. The tool is a simple number generating software that executes losing trades on behalf of its users.

Is VirtNext Scam Or Legit?

We found quite a number of complaints during our investigation that proves that VirtNext is not a reliable software. according to Vincent Bollore, VirtNext is supposed to be a free software, but it is actually not. So the major complaint that traders are having is that they are forced to pay $250 after they complete the sign up procedure. Another serious complaint is that traders cannot use their existing trading accounts with the software. traders are required to sign up with a broker that is assigned to them. Information on which broker will be assigned is not provided until the last step is complete. So we think signing up for VirtNext poses a huge investment risk.

Another big lie is the claim the people behind this scam are making. They tell traders that it is possible to achieve a success rate of 93% with this software. The truth is that no binary options trading robot can promise or guarantee this kind of success rate. Infatti, there is no software that exists on the market today that has a success rate of over 90%. Oggi, even humans are having a tough time understanding the fundamentals of binary options trading and coming up with the right predictions about the market conditions. So we don’t think an automated software is capable of making correct predictions all the time.

Moving on, the testimonials and reviews available on their website are fake. We did a research and we couldn’t find a single person who has been able to earn profits out of this system. So we can assume that Vincent Bollore and his team are using deceptive tactics to lure traders into signing up for this software and depositing money with an unregulated broker.

Le parole finali

Based on our investigation and findings and the reviews from genuine traders, we can confirm that VirtNext is not a reliable software. We are not going to recommend this software to anyone who is serious about investing in binary options and is looking to earn a stable income online.

VirtNext trading system is definitely not legit and we advise traders to stay away from it. There are a number of reliable and safe options that traders can consider. Doing a thorough research will help traders find the right one for their trading needs.


giùindustria opzioni binarie espande i servizi di negoziazione e gli strumenti in modo da commercianti Si consiglia ai scegliere un sistema binario che si adatta alle loro specifiche esigenze finanziarie e gli obiettivi.

Prima di decidere, piuttosto per ottenere l'accesso ai o non si dovrebbe prendere in considerazione le informazioni che abbiamo raccolto su questo software. Le caratteristiche principali sono stati monitorati e le prestazioni di è stata analizzata dai nostri esperti.

Noi non può confermare la sicurezza e la legittimità della così abbiamo concluso che non vi sono robot più affidabili. Puoi Procedere alla sicurezza visitando il miglior software di trading di opzioni binarie con alti punteggi complessivi.

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