Is VirtNext a Scam-Free Binary Software or Not?
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Over the years, the financial trading world has witnessed a lot of changes. While some have been really good, some are not. One good change that has taken place is the switch to automated systems when it comes to binary options trading. The availability of systems like VirtNext (created by Vincent Bollore) have really given people hope about making lots of money from the comfort of their homes. Mutta, is the VirtNext legit? If you are thinking of opting for this system, given below are the facts that you need to be familiar with.

On VirtNext huijaus?

Choosing a reliable broker is one of the first things you must do when it comes to trading binary options. But with the VirtNext system, it doesn’t appear that you will be assigned a licensed or a trustworthy broker.

There is also lack of information about this system on the internet. The testimonials don’t appear genuine and we haven’t been able to confirm that they actually come from real traders. We are not saying that the VirtNext system is a scam, but since we are still investigating, we wouldn’t advice traders to give it a try at the moment. Instead they can opt for a system that has been proven to work.

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How Much Does VirtNext Cost?

You have to pay nothing at all to use the system. You get it for free and you can keep it for life. Heti kun rekisteröidyt, you are taken to the member’s area where you have to decide which broker from their list you want to open an account with. This is their requirement for giving you free access to the system and as you know trading can only start after adding funds to your account which is $250.

How Does VirtNext Work?

Like other automated systems, this robot also collects market data and analyses it. The idea is to look for trading opportunities so a profitable trade can be placed. With a system like this, the chances of winning a trade is only 50%. The predictions it makes related to the movement of assets cannot be relied upon all the time.

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While it is possible to make winning trades based on the signals generated, traders must apply their knowledge and take the right decisions. allowing the robot to work on complete auto pilot can result in losses.


  1. Kirjaudu – the sign up process is free and can be completed on the official webpage of the VirtNext system.
  2. Käydä kauppaa – a deposit is required before you can use the robot to trade automatically.
  3. vetäytyminen – the amount of money you earn by making investments in binary options can be transferred to your account.

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There is nothing much to say about the special features of the VirtNext system. The features are very basic and honestly, they don’t serve much purpose. The creator has failed to include features which could enhance the experience of traders. The risk level control features also don’t give traders much control over the system which can result in huge losses.



  • Attractive Website
  • Set a Limit for the Daily Losses
  • Wide Range of Tradable Assets


  • Support is provided in English only
  • Must have PC, Älypuhelimella tai tablet
  • No Chat Support
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