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Trading on the binary options market has become easier with the Binary Options Robot. However, the traders should do some research on the trade in order to benefit from the binary trading robots. has made a thorough research on the best binary options brokers and robots existing in the trading industry. We emphasize on the best ones so that it becomes easy for you to choose the right one for you.

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Why is Everyone Talking About the Binary Options Robot?

If you are wondering “What the Binary Options Robot is?” then the answer to your question is right here. It is a trading system that runs automatically and performs the trades in your trading account automatically. This process is performed by considering the trading styles and signs that you have specific control at. Binary Options Robot is also similar to the other binary trading options as it is also an auto-trader and an individual provider as well. As compared to the simple signal service in which some particular trading style is offered the binary options robot is much advanced than this.

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Get Your Binary Options Robot For Free

Introduced in the 2014, Binary Option Robots is the brand new product that has become famous since it was launched. The trading algorithms in this are always used by the professional traders in the collaboration.

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The software ranges in price from $79 to $3,999 for the tailored algorithms.

As we know the software is costly and without purchasing it one cannot possibly use it. But what if you were told that you can use it for free? Well, you can. With the help of a little hack technique you can use the binary robot with the same quality but only for free (Read More About Binary Options Robot Free Here).

To use the binary robot, you need to open an account with the opening balance of $200 and select one of the brokers mentioned above.

Binary options robot and the automated one provider service is a service for the binary options traders that perform trades into their accounts automatically. However, this is a lot different than the copy trading in which the trades are performed in the trading account via a link. The account that is associated with any copy trade account will be performing the master binary trading account trade. Apart from this, the Binary Options Robot is the trading platform which will be all over your computer to make your trades easier and better than before.


For this you would need to create a login on the robot program which will open your binary account at the same time. All the compatible binary options will then be recognized by the robot. The robot will catch any signals generated and enter the details like expiration, direction, asset and amount. The robot will automatically then clicks on the button saying “enter” and then make the setting of your trade.

What is the Price of the Binary Options Robot?

The Binary Options Robot software has got two versions one of which is the free download version and the second one is the paid version which costs from $899 to $1299 with every license.

Both the versions are almost the same but the free one can be used with a specific broker. You can purchase the paid version with the one-time fee or the same version if deposited with the specific broker. Check it here.


Sign up with a special broker & get the Binary Options Robot software for free!

You can choose from the three trading styles of Classic, Medium and Aggressive. The trade is possible with pairs more than a hundred and even multiple signals are carried on at the same time. However, when you go for the free version you only get to choose from two pairs.

With the help of the free version investing money in the trade becomes easy as you won’t have to pay for the software but you can only choose it with one broker. There are some binary options robot providers that do not offer the option to connect with more than one broker. The software comes in a cloud-based package and requires you to sign up with the broker you are comfortable trading with. You can also deposit more money apart from the minimum amount to make the software work on more data.

How to Acquire the Binary Options Robot?

acquireFirst of all, you would need to download the Binary Options Robot program on your computer. With the 83% win rate the Binary Options Robot software can be downloaded for free. For doing this you would not need any specific knowledge of binary trading before you download the software as it has got the usual downloading process. The main targets of this binary trading software are the infant traders.

Your computer will not be hanged or stuck due to the use of this robot software. The robot for trading runs in the background by which you can use your computer the way you like. Binary Options Robot provides account compatibility as compared to the copy trader or SSP. Some robots are used with other platforms such as 24Option or SpotOption as well.

How to Trade with Binary Option Robot?

Using the Binary Options Robot is pretty easy. All you have to do is to make your trading account and work it on the auto trade. By doing this the software will analyze the market. Along with this the robot software also calculates the indicator sets and their live values, make the signal and run it on your account automatically.

More About Binary Options Systems Here

Using the Binary Robot Option is not that hard and people who are aware of downloading and installation of software will figure out its use pretty easily. The five major indicators are used in this binary software to get the signals. You have got free choice of using one at a time or more than one as your requirement. If you go for more than one then the buy is indicated at the spot to perform the trade. The expiration of the move varies which can be for one minute, half an hour, thirty seconds fifteen minutes and such. When you will set your target on the asset you want to trade in from the six options then set the amount and choose the expiry limit and the rest will be the job of the binary software.

Three trading styles can be used in the Binary Options Robot which are Aggressive, Conservative and Mixed. The aggressive style involves indicators such as Moving Average Convergence, Strength Index (RSI) and Slow Stochastic. Next comes the Conservative style which includes low risk instruments to trade. Finally, for the Mixed style which increases the variety of assets to choose from for trading and involves more risk as compared to the Conservative style.

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Along with this, you would also require to assume the correct expiry for the kind of signal you are getting. In other words, consider the signal as well whether it is beneficial for the expiry you are using. So you need to assume that you are gaining and losing trades at the same time in order to get to the targeted 83%. Using the right technical analysis combination is also to be considered to be successful. Do not miss the disclaimer of the software, “Past performance is not a guarantee of future returns”.

How to Choose a Binary Options Robot?

you chooseOn the market there are more than 500 Binary Options Robots. All of them give a guarantee for accuracy, high winning ratio and massive profits, but the truth is that only few can deliver it. This is the main reason why you should pick your trading software with caution!

The editor’s team of works hard to investigate and review the trading software to find out which ones are really working and which are unreliable. We are looking for Binary Option Robot with high, permanent winnings and good reputation. After testing more than ¾ of the binary robots you can find the results on our website.

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